Wednesday, 12 August 2015

WOYWW #323

This is WOYWWednesday - checkout the tab at the top of the page for further info - and our thanks go to Julia for hosting again.

I decided to add my new Christmas stamps to my index folder and here I am desk ......

I stamped and labelled my new stamps and then, when I had finished them, I thought I would add the rest of my stamps.  I knew that I had several stamps from a few years ago stored in one of my wonderful blue mushroom baskets.  I found a couple of boxes full of stamps as well as some loose stamps.  I am now in my second box of stamps, I still have all the loose ones to do.  
I don't think I need any more Christmas stamps but no doubt I will see some 'special' ones.  
Most of these stamps are years old, I mean bought in the '90s when I first started card making, and it was great to reconnect with them again.  Now my hands are twitching to stamp a few cards ..... but they must wait .. I found some other stamps in the baskets so maybe I will index them while they are out on my desk!

This index proved invaluable last week as I entered into a Stamping Swap which meant I would have to sort through my stamps but no, I didn't need to.  I just flicked the pages of my Index File, selected the stamps I needed and then removed the appropriate stamps from their covers.  So much easier than rummaging through boxes!!!

Thank you to my visitors and all the lovely comments last week, I didn't manage to visit many desks but will try harder this week!!!
Enjoy your week............


  1. Hi, Christine, you have some nice Christmas stamps there. I really like the angel and the sentiment stamp directly below her. Stamps are hard to resist . . . Happy WOYWW from Laura #48

  2. Christmas already? I just got used to some kind of summer, lol! The stamps are very nice!
    Thank you for your earlier visit!
    Gabriele 6

  3. I love having my stamps in binders they just make it super easy to flip and find them have fun with the sort. It's also tough with christmas stamps there are so many amazing ones out there hugs Nikki 7

  4. I am afraid I have also decided it's time to start cards though I do feel it's a bit early but never mind. Hope you have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 24

  5. Isn't it great to re-connect and organize! Love your stash of stamps and inks : ). Happy WOYWW! #51

  6. When I indexed my stamps I just listed them by name and stamp code.. wish I'd included the stamped image but too many to do now and the binder would be even bigger.... thanks for stopping by. Helen 5

  7. Thanks for visiting me yesterday. You are doing a great job of sorting your stamps. Good luck with that be do be sure of having some time to play with them ;-)
    Annie x # 23

  8. I have a few stamps but I am hopeless with them - give me fabric and a needle and thread any day! x jo

  9. Hi Christine, I agree with you, I probably have enough Christmas stamps to last me three lifetimes, but I'm sure something awesome will catch my eye, no matter how many times I say I'm not buying any more! I have an indexing system too, much easier to find what you want, or remind yourself what you have! lol.I've also downloaded an app called Evernote, and am adding all my images to that too, so I can avoid buying duplicates in future! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #14 xx

  10. Go you on being so organized. I'm getting there. I also probably have more Christmas stamps than anything else... and will buy more, I'm sure. The SU Holiday catalog opens up in 2 weeks. :-D Just call me your friendly neighborhood enabler. ;-) Creative Blessings! Kelly #46


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