Wednesday, 13 January 2016

WOYWW #345

First off - Welcome to my new followers - Thank you for being interested in the 'goings on' round here!!

This is WOYWWednesday - checkout the tab at the top of the page for further info - and our thanks go to Julia for hosting again.

After all the decorating - in boring magnolia. (not! It's natural wicker actually!!!!) - I have managed to get into my craft room.
Back to a normal desk this week.  I have just finished this card and cleared away, except for a bit of stash that found itself onto there!

The card is for the last CMW swap with CardWorkShop.  The stamps peeping out can be explained .... honestly!!!!

On the right ... ..a couple of stamps from Tiger.....which is a new shop in our local Touchwood shopping centre.  Whilst browsing a few things just happened to jump into my basket, including two wood stamps.

.....there's also a packet of 'reverse' stamps from Chocolate Baroque.  I have had to wait for these stamps to come back into stock and then ....... wait again for the postman to deliver them.... so there they sit.

The Reverse stamps were bought with some Christmas cash and, hopefully, will be very useful if/when I get to use my gelli plate!!

Nice and short as requested by our honourable hostess, Julia, who thinks she is in control of all us deskers.......... he! he! he!


  1. Yep I found Tiger last week but managed NOT to buy anything - easier to do when husband is there.I could be the woman on that stamp if the hair was different - its got my chunky thighs x

  2. How wonderful to have a new craft shop in the locality - I have to make do with Hobbycraft and The Range these days. Yes, it is exciting going to CHA but just wish you could buy things from there. It is just a trade show so buying is out but looking is free and makes for longing.
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx

  3. Tiger have some great bits and pieces. It's a good shop for browsing. Looking forward to seeing those reverse alpha stamps in action. Happy Wednesday to you Christine :-)

  4. Tiger stamp looks cool. Love the reverse stamps for the printing plate!! Great idea.

  5. I've heard of those reverse stamps for the gelli, but I'm not really a stamper, and I HATE my gelli I asked for for several years and never got. Bought it myself, and hate it. Hope to see what you will be working on with yours. Thanks for visiting while I slept. Again, look forward to seeing you work with your gelli, because I just don't "get it." Happy WOYWW from #2.

  6. It's always great to get holiday cash to buy more stash. Have fun with the new stamps.

    Sharon #50

  7. love the idea of the reverse alphabet, and I think even without a gelli they would be good - would make great patterns in journal backgrounds and so on... may have to investigate! Helen #1

  8. Hi Christine, great to have a new craft shop locally. Like Neet, my only choices really are Hobbycraft and The Works. We do have Pink Tulip about 4 miles away, but it's getting the time to go there, and then when you've been a few times, you've bought everything they have you want. So it's back to the vastness of the internet,lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #5 xxx

  9. Luckily, our nearest Tiger shop is in Basingstoke....turns out I have a predilection for buying naff stuff I don't need! Love that shop!, hey, those reverse letters are great, I'm feeling enabled....!

  10. Oooh you had me at alphabet---LOVE alphabet stamps!!!

    #62 today with

  11. busy looking desk and card is awesome. I thought about buying reverses but don't think I would use them much. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #61

  12. Thanks for calling by at mine yesterday. I had a long busy day yesterday so am having to catch up with my visits today.
    Will be interested to see what you do with your new stamps.
    Annie x # 11


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