Wednesday, 24 February 2016

WOYWW #351

I mark my weeks by Wednesdays.  I am busy although retired with 'nothing to do' so the days just merge one to another ...... except for Wednesdays!  
WEDNESDAY is just that .....
                                                        .... a CAPITAL day.
I am so glad that Julia continues to host this meeting of friendly folks, sharing a moment in our lives.  I learn so much, laugh, cry and wonder at the talent of them all.
Thank you Julia for being such a great hostess.

My desk today shows a new format (for me) ATC.  It is Double Sided, taken some working out but now the basics are done.  I have sketched out my ideas and am ready to colour in. 
Although I have both my paints and watercolour pencils on show, I know that I will use the pencils and then give the cards a water wash to merge the pencil marks.  Please note that I have managed to keep a pretty clear work top!!!

My evening job ...... the saga goes on .....
I did complete the jumper, it fitted Little Soldier but looked like a crop top on him!!  After we had stopped laughing (someone a little ruefully) I put it to one side and started a second one ..... I am a tryer!!  lol
During the course of the evening PJ suggested just undoing the original jumper and reknit the front and back to a longer length.  I couldn't bear the thought of undoing it all but thinking about what he said  ..... if I could save some of the pieces I would only have to reknit the front & back.  After careful unpicking of the stitching I saved the sleeves, the collar and the button band and was so chuffed!  A good evenings work.
I knitted up the front and back, also the buttonhole band and voila!!!

A completed jumper which, hopefully, will fit Little Soldier better this time.

Hope the sun is shining where you are and your work is making you as happy as I feel at the moment.  Take care.


  1. Oh I'm sorry, but I laughed at the little Soldier's crop top story....but your rescue plan was brilliant and it is a lovely jumper! Good luck with the ATCs, love your plan.

  2. Hope you have fun working on your ATCs. (I've only made a few in the past, but it wouldn't be too early to think about making a few for the WOYWW anniversary celebration in May.) The little sweater is absolutely beautiful -- great job!!! Happy WOYWW from Laura #60

  3. Good for you that you are doing ATCs. It's one of my New Years plans. 'This is the year I am going to make ATCs'. (But I haven't yet...)
    I also smiled at little soldier's crop top. But you solved the problem brilliantly! Well done!
    Thanks for visiting mine,
    Happy WOYWW,
    and have a good week,

  4. You are so talented. Love the wee sweater, even if it needed reworking.

    Thanks for sharing. drop by my desk if you get a chance.
    Pat #61

  5. Wow Christine! I wouldn't have even attempted a jumper let alone knowing how to rescue it-well done!I bet little soldier looks great in it! Hugs, Chrisx 39

  6. I'm glad you didn't give up. I think I might have been tempted lol. I love the ATCs. I hope you'll share when they are finished.

    Sharon K #47

  7. My motto is, if you give up after all that work, then all that work is for nothing! I am glad you redid that gorgeous little jumper - any little soldier would be proud of it! I have had a busy and unsuccessful day today, making my first ever samosas. They were hard work to make, and very hard work to eat! Very hard pastry. My dear hubby was very nice about them! Still, I'm not giving up and am determined to make a successful batch! So much for resting... I'm exhausted now and will probably be good for nothing tomorrow!

    Thanks for your visit. Glad you like my kitty art journal page.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #60

  8. Glad you rescued the crop top!! It looks very smart. Thanks for visiting. Helen #2

  9. Oh, I felt your frustration at the jumper story. And I bet undoing it was the last thing you felt like doing. But it did save you some work in the long run and the jumper itself is brilliant, I love the stripes and the offset cable. Very smart, well done you :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 13 xx

  10. Oh well done, Christine! Glad you were able to rescue a good deal of that jumper. It's gorgeous. I'd be doing the ATCs with watercolour pencils, too. Love them!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #40

  11. Hi Christine, love the colours of the jumper. At least you managed to save yourself some work. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #12 xxx

  12. The jumper looks great Christine but I understand your feelings about unpicking stuff, I hate it but it was probably the best option. Happy crafty WOYWW, Angela x 28

  13. How ingenious of PJ. That jumper is adorable. What we don't do for the wee ones, eh? Creative Blessings! Kelly #62


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