Wednesday, 3 February 2016

WOYWW #348

Didn't think I would make it here until later but I have woken up bright eyed and bushy tailed.  
I spent most of Monday night/Tuesday morning back at the hospital with Little Soldier and DDC as he fitted in the early hours.  He was kept in for six hours under observation, sent home and then we looked after him while DDC caught up on her sleep and get over her fright.  He is fine, chesty with a gunked up eye but still managed to climb and wreak havoc!!!  lol
I am pleased that we went to Heartlands as the Doctor told us that fits can happen if there is a sudden rise in temperature ...... learn something new every day.
My desk is how I left it on Monday - a magazine found from my 'sortings' and pen & ink ready for a new swap/challenge.  This swap will be interesting, a real challenge - details will follow on my ATC blog later.
I have a beautiful Doll's House, old and hand built which I bought several years ago and will ....I WILL .... refurbish ...... I hope to start this year in the Summer but don't hold your breath!!!
Thanks for all my visitors last week, I didn't manage to get round to some of you but do appreciate you popping in.


  1. Hi Christine,no, I don't call Hobbycrafts a shop either- the place has got terrible. So sad, when we have so many fabulous British stamping companies that they do not stock any, and indeed have such a lousy selection of stamps anyway. I use it for basics if we go to Webbs,things like glue etc, and often I don't even go in at all.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #20 xx

  2. You will have to have a chat with Steph about both of you finishing your houses!Thanks for popping by. Jax

  3. I'm glad the little one is ok.
    A doll's house. That sounds interesting. Keep us informed.
    Thanks for the visit,
    Happy WOYWWednesday,

  4. Oh gosh, I'd love to see photos of your house! Minis are fascinating. Okay, now I have to go find your atc blog . . .

    Happy WOYWW to you, Christine!
    :)trisha too
    #49 this week

  5. You WILL get that dollhouse done lol. Glad the little one is okay. I'm going to check out your ATC blog too - got me intrigued.

    Sharon K #45

  6. Ooh, it's scary stuff when little ones are so ill. I'm glad he's ok now but that must have been an awful time for you all. It's weird how very high temps can affect the body.
    Good luck with the doll refurbishment. Funnily enough, I was putting books about dolls house furniture out on the shelves in Oxfam this afternoon!
    Hugs, LLJ 17 xxx

  7. Hope you do get to your house project - they can look amazing ! Glad the young one is okay. Thanks for visiting Ali x

  8. Gah, sounds like you're in line for a long lie in tomorrow. Went through a couple of febrile convulsions with our kid. They are so scary and always in the small, scary hours. Thank goodness you can be there for her. I suspect that working on the odd challenge won't cause any stress at all!

  9. Sorry to hear about the fits. Our younger kitty has just started having them and it's very distressing to watch. I am sure you must be exhausted after all that, especially in the middle of the night, and I hope that you can rest a bit over the coming days.

    The dolls' house project sounds lovely, and if you do get it going, I hope you will share some photos with us! Just near us, we've got a fabulous shop that sells everything for dolls' houses and I love going in there and just browsing around, seeing all the beautiful little miniature things. It's a whole world!

    Thank you for your lovely comment. We had the most brilliant lunch and it was nearly 4 p.m. when we phoned my hubby to come and collect me - we had 2 lots of coffee after lunch and we chatted and laughed and enjoyed the quality time together so much! We were thrown together in hospital and became firm friends, and have shared so much together, all having bowel cancer, and we are all fine now, too, which is wonderful.

    So glad you like my teabag page! It's been such fun to do.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #28

  10. It's great to have plans, and one day the dolls house will be finished. Could you show us a pic of the house as it is now? Vicky#9

  11. How kewl is that to fix up a vintage doll house would love to see the before picture hugs Nikki 3

  12. Look forward to seeing our renovations.
    You don't say what happened to the little man? Hope all is well now. I did look back on your home page for a few posts but cannot find anything about him.
    I looked up the Hummingbirds and it is fascinating to read about them, lot of species and some very very tiny. I hope the one I found is ok.
    Hugs, Net 34 xx


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