Friday, 12 August 2016

Another July Birthday

This was another 'Special Birthday' and an extra special one for an extra special person - our son in law (SIL).
I managed to find a 'nice' graffiti paper on the web, but could not get it to print to the size I wanted so ended up with several copies, but chose the best printout for this card.  I am sure that the other printouts will be used at a later date!!
I joined the Forum on this site many years ago and saved a couple of the templates for later use and this is now one of those times.

I printed the number onto black card, cut it out and then traced and cut another copy from the graffiti paper.  

It was tricky making sure that the paper covered the card, yet leaving room so that it folded and matched perfectly.
I cut another copy from some white paper but this time cut inside the pencil lines so that I could use this as an insert.

I took the card round to the house when we collected Little Soldier along with his pressie.  Whilst there I found out that his birthday cake had not materialised, so managed to make one at home while Little Soldier slept.
I used my silicone cake tin, making two plain sponges and the numbers.
Once they were cooked, I sandwiched the sponges together with buttercream and jam.  My idea was that I would stand the numbers upright but I just could not get it to happen.  In the end I attached them with some buttercream so that they lay at an angle on the top of the cake. 
I smothered them with icing sugar 'cos I happen to know he likes that!!
When we took Little Soldier back home, we walked in with the cake and singing Happy Birthday - he was surprised and very pleased.

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