Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Yes! I know!  late to the party and it's only my second time of being here .... yes teacher .... I will try to do better but .... it's snowing!........ my PC is only loading at 1.0Mbps which - whatever it means - is s l o w ............. and in any case - I'm here now!!

So what exactly do we have here ........ therein lies a tale ........... paper and paints, oh! and a little pot of water.
I went shopping yesterday -  only to one shop ..... it's snowing....... but they were selling art stuff.

I bought some tubes of watercolour paint and some brushes and some paper.  Only it's not paper - not as I know it!  
It's a canvas type paper, so I am just playing around at the mo.  So far I have discovered that the tubes of paint are brill, much better than my little paint boxes at the side of my desk - although I am not prepared to stop using them yet.  I was born after the war so 'use up every bit and don't waste any' is built into my physchi physci physcy whatever!

A long time ago my brother in law taught me to draw scenery, well, just one....... a bridge by a tree and that is what I do ..... a tree.  
I do not colour, paint, stitch etc freehand, I have no imagination so always follow an outline, pattern etc.  (frustrates the life out of my DH he!he!) so now you can understand why that piece of paper is folded into quarters and I say I am playing around at the mo.

BTW  any one used this type of paper?  I brushed the surface with water before I applied the paint but I was just wondering if you have to 'crack' it or just use it straight ........ any help appreciated as I am stepping outside my comfort zone here.

And if you're new here then check this out - WOYWW


  1. Your ladies look very interesting. It's so fun to color. Even if you only paint trees, it's a very nice tree. :-)
    HeatherM #144

    1. Thanks for your comments. The Ladies come as a freebie which you can find here - - she is one very talented lady and has all sorts of freebies.


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