Friday, 18 January 2013

Action Wobble Alert!!!!

I have discovered Action Wobbles - and I am Wobbling all over the place!

I am waiting to enter a challenge with my Action Wobble cards but I have to post this one.......

The postman brought me this today as my received 'New Year' swap on my Yahoo group.

Looks gorgeous, the heavily embossed gold card with a gold embossed blue circle. 


The circle is attached to an Action Wobble and........... it wobbles when you take it out of the envelope!

Love it!

Love, love it!

My very first wobble card - I have made several but they don't count - this has been made for ME!!!

I first saw these on a blog - thescrapbookingqueen - and then found out that there were none in England but I was not deterred.  I wanted to make a wobble card and so I contacted Theresa at Royal Shoppe and a few days later a pack of Action Wobbles arrived.  

Excited I was.  

I have sent out my cards and I just know that the recipients will laugh at them but ......... will have to have a play!

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