Wednesday, 16 January 2013


OK! OK!  I can't resist.

OK! I became addicted ...... so much so that Wednesday is a WOYWWednesday!!

I have stopped lurking and decided to be open about this and join you crazies.

If you want to know more .............visit here............ WOYWW  where Julie is our very kind hostess and sortof controller - he! he!

I happened on this blog some time ago and visited now and again.

Then I took a photo - yes! I know! I was warned............that first one ............. and you're hooked!

Then 2013 started and I thought 'why not?' and took another photo ........... hooked....oh! yes!

So here is my desk this a.m.

Notalot going on as I have finished a batch of cards but ........

look there in the box........

a new find...............

Nail embellishments!                    



I had made a pretty card, see previous posting, and I wanted some bling to finish it. I went searching, as one does - never mind what is on the desk already - and found these nail embells on my dressing table - no! I don't remember how they got there!!   
I have had these for a few years so, obviously, I will not be wearing them soon so maybe they were what I needed.  
Suffice to say - I was wrong again.......... but ........... they're very pretty....... and tiny.......... and sparkly....... and will not be returning to my dressing table but appearing in my 'bling' box soon.


  1. Good to see your desk, nail bling is a new one on me! Looks interesting! Chris#89:/

  2. This is only my second week at this and I am already hooked. Isn't if funny how we find things in our homes but can't remember where they came from.
    Ria #114

  3. Indeed, I find so much stuff that I have no idea where it came from(or when). Those nail embellies...Poundland is brilliant for that sort of stuff. I got a whole load of sparkly gems intended to be stuck on your skin-as well as some tint ones meant for nails. Nice to see another new face, Have a great week, Hugs,Shaz #65 xx

  4. By the way, have to ask, are you a Monty Python fan by any chance :) Shaz

  5. Thought you must be a fellow fan. The giveaway was the blog title- instantly made me think of The Life Of Brian, and Biggus Dickus!!!ROFL!!!

  6. Love your creative take on nail bling! It's my first time too with this challenge! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. So glad you have joined us....and everyone is right; it is addicting. And it's good to see other people work in similar ways.....have a good week!
    Sara #144

  8. Ah ha - another one succumbs to the temptation of flashing their workdesk every week - it is definitely an addiction!!! Welcome fellow WOYWWer, you'll be back next week!
    Happy WOYWW

  9. Welcome to WOYWW! What a good idea to use the nail embellishments for your cards! The Claires accessories shop sometimes bits and pieces in their bargain section that can also be used on cards.

  10. I love to find bling for cards in unusual places. I looked at your sweet card....very nice. I really like how you colored her. So nice to see you on WOYWW.... see you soon.

  11. I would love to see the card you used your nail bling on. :-) And I agree - WOYWW is addictive. :-) April #141

  12. Welcome to WOYWW, Christine!! Lovely to have your desk with us! Great idea for using the nail bling on your cards, too.

    I also want to tell you that I loved your comment over at Glitter Granny about being greedy and having a bunch of wedding photos you could link up for the party held for me and Mister's anniversary! That cracked me up!!

    I'm late getting around WOYWW what with all the excitement. Have a wonderful week! Darnell #64

  13. Hi, welcome! What a neat idea to use the nail art on your cards. :-)

    Brigita #125

  14. Great card and desk.

    Addicted? Yes. Just started last week and it is true. Can't stop now.

    Sorry I am 2 days late getting to your blog. I have been battling a nasty flu bug.
    Lori #84

  15. Love the idea of using the nail art - now wonder if my teenage DD will notice if I nick hers lol - I am not sharing a desk as away from home looking after my friends cattery but enjoying having a good look around everyone else's desk

  16. I am always looking around for new stuff to bling out my cards with! :) We have these stores here where everything is one dollar and they have the best bottles of glittery nail polish...yep, I use it on my embellishments that have to have the finest of lines or dots and whatnot drawn on them. Works so much better than stickles! Anyways, fab desk you have there and thanks for stopping by mine already and leaving me a comment. :) Hope you can join in every week, it is very addictive, isn't it? lol
    Deeyll #163


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