Friday, 9 August 2013

ATC World - Backgrounds

Sometime ago I read somewhere about using the nets that contain fruit and veg to make background patterns.
I have an orange net, cut in two halves to remove the tags and then placed over the card so that the card is completely covered.  I taped the net to the desk, including a small amount of the card so that the whole will be stable.
Then using several ink pads: red, pink, gold, silver, multi etc. I went to work .................

I plonked the pads on, stamping randomly so that the card was covered.  

Sometimes the pad was pressed hard, sometimes just hit on the paper, so that I could see the different effects.  
Next time I will not be so random, and press the pads on gently so that a firmer and fuller pattern is made.

I then removed the netting and was left with a very random pattern, spoilt a bit by the gold hitting the paper a tadge too hard!  From this angle it looks like a face but that was not the intention at all.  It was very much a case of 'random'.   I am pleased with the results and will definitely be trying this out again.  

Here is my second attempt - the bag that held the onions .......... different pattern, got to haven't I!?!?!?

This is the moment when, after fixing the paper and net to the desk, I remembered the photos for the Blog!!

Stamping away with the various stamp pads that I have.  I even tried to make a vague picture of a landscape in the top right corner!!  Artist I am not!

Here are all the stamp pads used and the final spritz before the reveal..........

One more background - ta da!

 Looks a bit bare so maybe I could add something else.......... hhhmmmm!........... 
 I bought a set of stencils from 'The Works' - cheap but until they're used one never knows!  The first flower - lower right corner - not that impressed but after changing the inkpad and pressing harder yeah! not bad - good buy! 

Added a few stamps and I'm happy.

This has been a real learning curve for me, thank you Sandie for the opportunity to do this.  I would never have thought of actually using my time to produce such a work of art, it will be difficult to cut up into ATC size but now I know how to do it..............and I still have the orange nets!

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