Saturday, 24 August 2013

Clean Desk and it's not WOYWW!!

Yes! One clean desk to show.

I was inspired by the size of some of the work spaces / desks during my visits to WOYWWers so I thought I would clear mine and have a look to see the original space, or near enough.

Just look at the size of it!

Even PJ was shocked and he built it!!!

Soooo much room!  I don't really want to put my cutting board back but back it will go .......... if only to 'hide' things underneath!!  

I don't really 'hide' them, I place them under the cutting board to straighten them........... then forget them ........... hence the 'New Home' card my daughter never received cos I couldn't find it!  lol

Onto better things - last week I showed the paper and punches I had bought  - I 'found' these ribbons while clearing 'the space' all bought from Lidl.  I just couldn't resist them, I know I have a stack (just out of shot in the baskets) but there is always room for more!!  
Mention buttons to Julia .............

That sesame bar is still in date.......... defo will not be around soon!!!

Interesting to see how things will be on Wednesday.... nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

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