Saturday, 25 January 2014

First Birthday Card of 2014

Since I found out about these wobbles (see tab at top of page) it has made making guys cards so much easier!
I take a lot of pleasure in making this card  .... he is a lovely guy kind and funny.  DH and himself have taken on an allotment, no doubt this WIP will be blogged on Recollections but it means that I can go just one step further with this card ......
Select one picture from the internet of similar plots, one picture of a nice easy chair and a PC printed sentiment, attach to card - simples!
M loved the Wobble card I made last year.... so I have to let him play again .....

the easy chair is attached to the wobble and ......


I can't seem to find the posting for last year's card so here it is .......
M had just bought a new motorbike, so proud he was ........

It was/is bright pea green ....... embarrassing green .... not the sort of green one would pinch!!

I have enclosed a small video of the wobble - if it works!


  1. just love these wobble cards... guess they have springs on them clever use. Shaz in Oz.x

  2. Hi Shaz
    Thanks for the comment - the Wobbles are little plastic springs, this link shows them better:



I make my cards for sheer pleasure so thank you for taking the time to comment.