Wednesday, 8 January 2014

WOYWW #240

Today we had sunshine and no rain - that was when I rose to make the tea and toast, it is now overcast but .... it is still a happy day - it's WOYWW!!
Thank you Julia for hosting and allowing us to share our mad goings on  work  mess  creativity.  (check the woyww tab at top of page for further details).

My desk is busy this week, I have several projects going on .....

 I don't intend to list them all but, for the eagle eyed, here are a few.  
January swap cards, stitched peel offs, sketched Snow Queen, prepped APC for an Alice swap.

Talking of which .... I have wanted to enter one of these swaps 'for ever' but never had any cards.  I am determined that this week I will buy a pack and then, whilst looking for something else, PJ found a pack in the bureau!!! 
Isn't it always the way?!?!??
They must have been a complimentary pack from a stackatruck company when he was working back in the day. 
 Now I have a small problem - the royalty cards are just sooooo beautiful, I can't use them.  I don't want to cover them over, I suppose I could use acetate so they shone through but  .....
Any ideas of how to use them so that I can show off the pictures?

Happy WOYWW everyone, thank you in advance for your visits, I will return the favour later today.
Stay warm.


  1. Morning Christine, not sure what you are aiming to do, are you planning to use the Royalty cards to make greetings cards? If so, I would probably put one behind an aperture and pick up the patern or desing in something around the aperture, hearts or spades. But maybe I have got this completely wrong. Looking forward to seeing what you do do with them.
    Chris #22

  2. Hi Christine
    you didn't really say what it was you wanted to do with the cards but I think as lovely as they are you will just have to go with your plan and use them as you planned. You will have something looking great that's for sure as the cards are lovely
    Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
    Hugs Ria #6

  3. Hi Christine,
    Just popping in to say hello to my fellow WOYWW neighbors! I always start there first. I love the "card" cards, but I wish I had some better suggestion for you to use them. Hugs. Super Stamp Girl #50

  4. Maybe a very light layer of gesso or acrylic paint on a sponge brayer .... So you can still see the picture underneath !
    Jackie 7

  5. You are right, those royalty cards are very beautiful, I would not want to cover them either.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #50

  6. Me again, if you do decide to make cards with the Royalty cards, you could use this to to make mounts. Just found it when i was looking for soemthing quite diferent.

  7. Hi Christine,

    Those cards are beautiful. I've found a few decks at the thrift store - no, I haven't done anything with them yet! tee hee There are round cards which are very cool!

    Having no experience and not knowing exactly what you want to do, I don't have any suggestions. Whatever you do please show us!

    I'm slowly getting around to visiting desks.
    Happy WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (42)


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