Monday, 27 January 2014

2nd Birthday in January

Following closely after M is my ex-colleague L, a gentle lady.  I have gone modern with her card design today, something a bit different ....

I used my Calibur for the first time, trying out the dies on different pieces of card and paper saved from Christmas wrapping and packages.  I used the black frame and flowers die cuts, also the black leaves.  I edged the flowers in gold ink before I rolled them but the beautiful paper I used did not really like the ink and it looks like a brownish splodge  on some of the petals.

I requested the sentiment from TLC Creations, Paulette was quick to respond, and after I had printed and cut it out, I tried to cut a border out of gold paper.

Putting it together was pure enjoyment and I am so pleased with how it turned out even though, as DH pointed out, the sentiment is coming down to earth!!!

It looks a bit white in the camera light but it is pretty shades of cream and gold.

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