Wednesday, 5 February 2014

WOYWW #244

Wednesday already!!! 
I have been so busy since the antibiotics started their work trying to make me fit again, and then catching up with everything, every day sortof melts into each other.  I did manage to visit a few desks and thank all those visitors to last week's desk but I have not yet caught up .... but I WILL!

What am I prattling on about?  Check out the tab at the top of the page, go visit our Gracious Hostess Julia and join in the fun.
Here is the infamous desk .....
I had tidied - honest!  I never finished the ATCs, just added a bit more and then put it all away (tidied).
Then I went out for some fresh air, bought a magazine which had free card making kits and papers.  I can do that I thought!  On my desk today is as far as I got!  

There are also a couple of purple takeaway cups - to be used in the making of a purple b'day card for the daughter.  
On the lower right is my first stencil bought specially for using with paint etc.  Besides having a chicken net background it has a great 'dancing' girl - here.
It's blowy and rainy today .... and I have a theatre date tonight with David Essex ..... so I will stop by as and when I can .... but in the meantime - have a good WOYWWeek.

PS  This is the magazine


  1. I hope the antibiotics help and you feel better so you can play with all the goodies on your desk. I look forward to seeing the b'day card reusing the purple cups. Thanks for sharing Carole #76

  2. AhChristine, ill health can be quite a trial, am going that way myself. Pray for you in it. Love card items.. have fun. Shaz in Oz xxx#31

  3. Hi Christine, love that holographic card on your desk- reminded me that I have some somewhere! Hope the antibiotics are working well for you, Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #42 xx

  4. Ooh! David Essex! Lucky you! Sorry, that's rude! Your desk looks great and I do hope you soon feel better but ooooohh DE! Chris#70

  5. I like the clock perched in the middle, timing yourself or the lack of time? Am showing wedding makes as we go,plenty more to come. Thank you for visiting.Karen #58

  6. I hope you are feeling better and were able to have a good time. Peg R 25

  7. Well, I hope David was all he cold be! I bet it was a great night! Your desk looks exciting - Ilike the plans for the cups...presumably you're going to cut em and flatten them..?

  8. glad the medicine is working and you are well enough to be busy. your desk is full of interesting papers!


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