Wednesday, 12 February 2014

WOYWW #245

Thank goodness for WOYWWednesday!  
As I woke to another windy, rainy cold day it was really cheering to see Julia's post waiting in my mail box.  Such simple pleasures bring so much joy on a day like this, even the postman has given up delivering - we have no mail for two days, I'm sure there's a good reason ....
So onto the happy, happy, joy, joy bit.  (find out why at the top of the page under WOYWW)
Thank you Julia and here's my desk ....

Not really anything going on ... just getting ready!
Starting from the lower left we have some emery boards and magnet, found during a clear up.
Slide mounts found for an ATC swap, reason for clear up
Left over Christmas Card waiting for a reply that appeared, decoupaged card topper (found during clear up!) and 3 finished ATCs.
In the centre there are some oriental papers ready for an Oriental ATC swap, another reason for clear up.
On the top right some new stamps bought from 'Works' who have a whole newly stocked craft department - in my local, and the cashier said they should be in all the stores. Wonder if they have bought all the stock from Osbourne Stationers as the stamps are DoCraft!
Lower right I have some cross stitched inchies, I don't know much about these but a large piece of material with tiny alphabets and images marked out was also found during clear up.  I think they were intended for keyrings way back when - 1996-7ish.  These I am thinking about .... 
So that's it for today .... I now have to put all this in some sort of order and get to work.   Maybe tomorrow as I think I will spend today visiting desks and oohing! and aahing! ..... takes me mind off the weather!!!
You all keep dry and warm, take a leaf out of my book if you want to!?!?!?!

Happy WOYWWday....


  1. Thank goodness for lovely creative messes to snoop on after quite a few tidy desks this week!
    Jo x

  2. Oh, better selection of craft stuff at the Works, thanks for the tip. I'll know hot to go in there unless I have spending money.
    Nice busy desk you have there and I'll try to keep warm and make a Valentines card for OH.
    Chris #48

  3. Hmm - nearest "Works" - Llandudno. Only 3 miles, but a very wet 3 miles today - perhaps it will have to wait after all...
    Lovely busy desk - I love all the reasons for clearing up - mine are usually much simpler - ie. No more room to work!!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #74

  4. Ah yes...a busy desk. It sounds like you are trying to convince yourself to clean up. I like Margaret's comment. Carole #68

  5. Wow, where do you do your work?! Thank you for visiting. Karen #44

  6. Love your busy desk. Funny the things that turn up in a tidy isn't it? Hope it's not too windy for you! Chris83

  7. Oh the weather is so rubbish isn't it.
    The cross stitch inchies look intriguing.
    Happy Wednesday

  8. Hi Christine, I shall be off to The Works tomorrow,lol. It is surprising what you can get in there sometimes, and I expect you are right about the source of the stamps, I believe they do buy up excess/liquidated stocks from others. That is the one exciting part of tidying and sorting, finding all sorts of odds and ends you'd forgotten about. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #43 xx

  9. Hi Christine,

    How I wish I could get some of that rain at my home!!!

    I live in New Mexico, USA and we have a saying here ¡Hasta mañana! which means roughly "there's always tomorrow."

    Your desk looks nice and busy! Just the way a craft desk should!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (86)


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