Wednesday, 17 September 2014

WOYWW #276

Welcome to my desk - a bit vague this week as it is my place of quiet and peace until Friday.  If you really need to know why I am showing you this 'escape from the real world' place then click the tab at the top of the page .... 
Thank you Julia for hosting, yet again, our weekly meet up ..... 
.... where was I? ... Oh!yes! .... the desk ....
I am trying to Zentangle.

That's it really.

There is a swap for tangled circles and I thought this would be my opportunity to try out this artform.  I see lots of these designs on the web and am seizing the chance to try it out.

Do I know what I am doing? No!! 
Am I learning?  Yes!!  
Having fun?  YES!

I have been rushing around like a headless chicken trying to get swaps posted, clothes washed, shopping shopped and gardens gardened.  Why?  Cause I am going to say 'hello' to Aberdeen and Brixham - for non British followers .... Aberdeen is in Scotland (8hours north) and Brixham is on the coast (8hours south) - one follows after the other so we will be flying one way then coming back home and driving the other way .... that's if we are allowed out of Scotland!!!  lol  We are taking our passports but have been told that if the vote is YES then there will be an eighteen month transition period.   Only us could choose to go to Scotland at such an historical moment in time!

On with the post .... thank you in advance for visiting, I shall do a bit of deskhopping during the week and then, hopefully, meet up with you all next WOYWWednesday.
Happy WOYWWeek!


  1. You're obviously having fun which is the main thing. I've had attempts at zentangle, but would love to be much better. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great day and a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #47 x

  2. Hi Christine, keep your eye out for Debbie Rock(Tattered Rocks) while you're up there, shes off to Scotland today too. Shaz in Oz was talking about zentangling too, and about how we used to call it doodling, lol. Thanks for all the good wishes, they really worked! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #26 xx

  3. I'm impressed by your attempt at zentangles. I have looked at those and thought it looked like something fun to do but I haven't as yet taken the plunge.
    Have a good week and a safe trip to both Aberdeen and Brixham.

  4. Yes it does seem an inopportune time to visit Scotland...I hope all goes well and you have a marvelous time. Doodle on! Be well Carole #59

  5. Enjoy Scotland, I've never been but would love to. I haven't zentangled for ages, I wasn't very good - it was really only doodling, not "proper" zentangling, lol!! Helen 11

  6. I don't have the patience to zentangle but I really like the results from those that do! Hope you make it safely out of Scotland again, it will seem really strange if the vote is YES and Scotland becomes an independent country.

    Brenda 56

  7. Enjoy Scotland. I've never been anywhere out of the US but that would be a place I would love to visit! Zentangle is loads of fun. Enjoy!
    Glenda #44

  8. Ha ha Happy WOYWW! I hope the Scottish interment camps are nice and have crafting. I've seen you somewhere already today too.
    Another thing on my list of things I want to do is tangling.

    Cazzy x #66

  9. Hi Christine, happy WOYWW....the zentangle always catches my eye toooo, but wow am I bad, your circles look fabulous. Have a wonderful trip, take care, cheers RobynO#27

  10. Oh my - what a travel adventure - I loved Brixham when we went many years ago, but now just adore N Scotland (we've gone to the same place for hols, for 6 years now). Happy zentangle learning - please come and teach me when you've done it! Have a great week, Chris # 29

  11. Learning something new and having fun at the same time? Sounds like a win win situation to me.
    Happy WOYWW !
    Tertia #38

  12. We'll, I'm happy that it's still ok for you to traverse the UNITED Kingdom! whew, that's a lot of travelling girly. I think some real doodle type escape at your desk is entirely in order!

  13. Zentangling...very cool! I look forward to seeing your finished projects! Have fun in your travels!
    Thanks for sharing! Have a good week. Hugs, Kathy Jo #41


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