Wednesday, 14 January 2015

1st Birthday 2015

The first birthday of the year ..... every year it's the same date and person .....  was I ready this year?  No!  So after a very enjoyable day, art class and retail therapy, I still needed a card!

I am going to use my new stamp, the train.  I stamped the image several times and on several different types of paper but really couldn't raise the energy to think ..... yeah!

If you can't win ... cheat!

So I opened up my 'Steampunk Box' and removed a card kit.
Thankfully, Heartfelt Creations included the instructions for making up the card kits ..... unfortunately I didn't have the inks so I had to compromise!

I managed to produce the stencilling on the folded card and remembered to photocopy the white oblong so that I could adhere it to the back inside the frame.

I cut one of the cogs in half and one of the printouts.  I grunged the designs and attached to the front oblong.

I added the flowers and leaves but nearly forgot the Birthday sentiment - heigh ho!!

So one card is now signed and delivered!!

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