Tuesday, 12 May 2015

2nd May Birthday

N has been in hospital for the three days preceding her birthday so I wanted to make a really good card for her, something that would express 'her'.  I decided to make a card in a box for her - flowers, shoes and handbags, soooo her!
I used one of the cards that I bought sometime ago from Craftwork Cards, a diecut sheet from Craftee and the cellophane packaging from a die.
I decided that I would also add some punched flowers and cut shapes for the sides / back from some of my book pages.

I cut out all the struts, the cellophane strips for the flowers, handbags, shoes and labels.  I covered the outside of the box, used some washi tape across the 'top' of the box and down the back strip - it can't be seen much in the photos but it's there!!!!
I 'arranged' flowers on the strips of cellophane, added a couple of butterflies and put to one side to dry.  I then added the struts which pulled the box into shape and I adhered the small flap to complete the box.  

Once the flowers were added I felt some greenery was needed - to fill the spaces.  I used some of my paper leaves - from my stash.

I added shoes and handbags to the drop down flaps of the box.  The labels were attached with small prices of double sided tape, making sure that the holes matched so that I could fill it with gold stickles, which I also added to the buckles of the shoes. 
A small swipe of silver stickles to the centre of the flowers and on the butterfly wings and ....... one completed card ready to take into the hospital.  

There had been a steady stream of visitors with cards and pressies all day so when we arrived she was a bit 'visitored out' but the sight of this card revived her spirits somewhat.
She is now safely home and recovering well.

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