Wednesday, 27 May 2015

WOYWW #312

Thank you Julia and Congratulations for another wonderful year of friendships and sharings and viewings and laughings and cryings and learnings and .........

I am one of those people who never know what day of the week it is BUT I always seem to know when it is Wednesday!!!

I had such plans for today ..... lots of visits and addy swapping for ATCs but ..... it has all gone by the board.  I'm afraid the time allotted for YEAR 6 goings on has been spent in sleeping .... those with children will understand ..... even then they are grown up, and have their own children, they are our children ...... several hours last night were spent at A & E for my brave little new mother to be 'sorted'.  She is now back home and much more comfortable ......... but I 'lost' those few hours and if you saw my schedule for the next seven days ........... well!!??!  Every minute counts round here ..... so here is this week's desk .... in much disarray .....

Yesterday I was at our Craft Group which happens to have a large W H Smith's nearby so I popped in ........ for a TV paper!!!   Thought I was going to buy some mags didn't ya?  Well ....... three but look at those free gifts!!!!
We visited B & Q for some soil .... I visited the wall paper dept. - never miss an opportunity dear friends ..........
So there you have it .... maybe not ....... I spy just a few (9 to be exact!) little atcs peeping out there ..... leave me a comment if you would like to swap and I will get back to you ....... maybe not this week .... busy schedule and all that!  lol

You have a good woywwing week.


  1. Hi Christine... and yes, having children around (no matter how old) takes up our time and energy... we all understand that! Since you are the next * on the list I will send you my ATC. I hope you find time to leave me a comment on my blog so that I have your email address and can get back to you for your address. Hope you have a (bit of a) relaxed day. Happy woyww and happy 6th anniversary. May we 'meet' many times more. Love from Holland, Marit #43 and #44 (forgot the asterix the first time around, oops...)

  2. aww Hope all is well. My "children" are all grown up - but still at home and need me most of the time so I get how much time it takes up xxHa Ha I am the same, pop into the super store for milk and come back with at least one mag and probably £70 more of food than i intended!!
    Happy Anniversay- Soojay 37#

  3. Adult children, tell me about it! We have spent the last 4 weeks visiting and supporting, helping and doing for our children and grandchildren. We don't mind. There were some crises and it was good we were there actually.
    I’m still travelling but managed to have internet today so I’m visiting as many of you as I can. Happy anniversary all! Six years is quite a long time.
    Have a good week and CU Wednesday

  4. Hope you get your breath back! Happy WOYWW Anniversary! patsy

  5. Hi Christine, hope all is well now. It is so easy to lose hours, I agree. I'm with you on B&Q and wallpaper, by the way, lol. Happy 6th Anniversary, Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #17 xx

  6. Yep, mine are 22 and 19 and I still worry like crazy about them......hope your girl is feeling a bit better now. I laughed at your visit to the wallpaper got some good samples there!!
    Happy 6th WOYWW
    Hugs, LLJ 13 xxxx

  7. hope all is well now thou, i laughed at your visit to smiths i went in for the lego with the daily mails a few days last week when hubby couldnt and came out at least £15 lighter each visit! craft magazines 2 adult colouring books {which sound much more riske with that name than they are!} and 2 magnetic white boards {BOGOF! well worth a look if youre in need!}

    Happy 6th Anniversary WOYWW-er!
    heres to many more
    Charlie x #35

  8. Hope you can get some quality rest and that all is well now. Looks like you got some fun stuff to play with! Happy 6th WOYWW!
    Carol N #55

  9. At least you got to join in the celebration. Although I don't have children (cats are NOT children, regardless how some people treat them), I know about real life getting in the way of other plans. Hope you can find some "me" time in that busy schedule.

    I live in the States, and they no longer give wallpaper or border samples away. Such a shame, too, but I have loads I got while they were free for the taking.

    Happy, happy 6th WOYWW anniversary from #1 (and please get some rest, which it sounds like you might need).

  10. Hope all is well and the children (all ages!) continue to flourish!! look after yourself too though. Helen 7 - oh, and great buys!

  11. Oh my Christine, I hope that all is well for the baby Mummy now, it's all so fraught. Hope too that you can pinch some time to catch up on sleep...being tired really heightens emotions for me, not good when you're trying to hold it together for your babies of any age! Super impressed at the wall paper and aren't the magazines generous!

  12. everyone talks about the wall papers !! let me in on this big wall paper secret ? Love your desk and well done on getting some new mags, Thanks for the snoop

    Jac x

  13. Must get out some of my old wallpaper samples, such great textures on some of them. Hope you have a great woyww anniversary and happy crafting, Angela x 37

  14. Hi Christine, I am your * and in return I'd like to send to you too. Can you drop me an email with your address please - beadsbuttonsandbirds at live dot co dot uk - and whenever is fine, life and babies come first! x
    Happy Anniversary!
    Laura 46

  15. Glad everything is ok with the mother-to-be
    Ooooh I spot the cutting dies from the die cutting magazine.
    Only just discovered that magazine and just my luck it has sold out lol
    Thank you for visiting :) #35

  16. I love those wallpaper bits you have. That gives me the idea that I need more of those :) I spent the day yesterday with my biggest kid AKA my husband at the hospital for a minor surgery. Those place are so drab and well as nerve racking. Glad everything is ok with yours. <3 Shel @ PaperOcotilloStudio #31

  17. I love wall paper, but have none on my walls.I love the Designer's Challenge on tv. Love the wallpapers they find.Is wall paper coming back? Love those "freebies"!!
    Thanks for lovely comment on my blog.

  18. I love those freebies you got with the mags...that is the only reason I buy mags too...can't wait for these to hit our shelves...we are always a little behind as the postage seems to be a little slow. Hope you get more sleep as the week wears on. #26


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