Sunday, 17 May 2015

New Baby!!!!!!

Our first Grandson was delivered today by C Section - Dexter Nicholas.  
After three days in labour, progressing from Gas & Air to an Epidural, the Staff discussed a Caesarian with the parents and then she was taken to theatre!  
The first boy born in theatre on 17th May, he weighed in at 10lbs 9ozs ..... quite a shock to us all..... but he is gorgeous .... of course!!!   lol  
I will also be taking pictures when we visit him tomorrow.  After 'living' at the hospital (C was transferred from a local hospital to one 13 miles away so we had to stay there) for three days, we were then told that it was too late to go on the Ward as visiting hours were 19.30hrs to 20.30hrs.  

I do feel cheated as I have been with C since she told us that her waters had broken (Friday) and now it is all over and we have the baby ......... ah! well!  c'est la vie!

I hope to be back making cards once I have caught up on my sleep ..... zzzzzzzzzz 

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