Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Golden Wedding

What a mess I have made of this!!!
We (one of my online Groups) were asked if we would like to make a card for a member's upcoming Golden Wedding anniversary.  
It made me stop and think ........ had my first husband hung around we would be celebrating our 50years this year!  Should I 'facebook' him to remind him?  lol .... I didn't!!!
Anyways I set to and made the card.
I sourced out from Google, as one does, and decided on this design.  When I came to read the email so I could write the address, I realised that it had come from my ATC Group ........oops!  Luckily I had not tidied up so quickly made an ATC  ........... two for the price of one??!!!

For the card
I used a silver embroidered gold paper for the background, added a group of golden beads and roses, tied a gold ribbon bow and a gold peel off.  What doesn't show on this photo is that the card is cream!  I used some textured cream paper for the insert and wrote my message with a gold ink pen.

For the ATC
I cut out the ATC from some embossed gold card, added a square of the embroidered paper which I tied the gold ribbon round twice before tying it in a bow. I glued the ends of the ribbon behind the paper but, in retrospect, wish I had left them free.  I adhered this to the card and then added a gold peel off.  I used dull gold paper for the backing so that I could write my details - not in gold this time!!!

Congratulations Roz, may you have many more happy years together.

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