Wednesday, 29 July 2015

WOYWW #321

This is WOYWWednesday - checkout the tab at the top of the page for further info - and our thanks go to Julia for hosting again.

This is a Rant - human rights and all that ...... how come we get the notice about cookies all the time?  Turns out it is European Law to declare the use of cookies.  For once I would like to be able to choose what I do, what happened to the Human Rights - Freedom - and all that?!?!?
Rant over

Well, the 'job' turned out to be a running contract so a couple of hours once a fortnight doesn't sound too bad - details will be up on my Recollections Blog soon - so after clearing the back garden, we will have to wait to start on the front garden ........

but you're here to see my desk ......

Caught me this week!!!  I am making some steampunk ATCs for a couple of swaps.
Some time ago I bought some dies and stamps from Heartfelt Creations and absolutely loved them.  I made a few cards and a box to keep all my Steampunk 'bits' in and then it all went 'away'.
Then I bought some Chocolate Baroque stamps, made some cards, put the stamps in the Steampunk box .....

I have two swaps this month - Stamped Bunch of Flowers and Steampunk - so I thought that I would combine all my stamps and produce the goods!  That's where I am at the moment, some cards I will discard and some well .... I may rework them.  I am happy with my bunches of flowers - they are stamped and embossed ready to paint - they are in the top right of the picture but my others ..... rework I think, they don't seem to have a soul........ 

But for today I am off out with PJ & C to buy some new clothes for DN (Dexter Nicholas) and we are going to have a fab time, it seems ages since the three of us (+ DN now!) all went out for a day .......... 

so you all have a good week, I'll be round to visit later in the week.


  1. Interesting looking box on your right.... had to zoom in and check out what you are saving. Looks like I might have a similar box with bits and pieces that you can't throw out because it might be needed. Love the steampunk atc.
    sandra de @37

  2. I love steam punk things! So I enlarged your page to have a really good snoop! Great! Those ATCs are going to be good.
    Well have a fab time clothes shopping, and
    Have a great week,

  3. Hope you have a fab time out shopping for DN! Love the steampunk stuff too...gears float my boat!
    Hugs, LLJ 16 xxxx

  4. Hi Christine, loving the tags. Very fond of steampunk. Love your box of bits too- that takes me back to when my eldest was young. He was always building 'stuff'- spaceships/robots etc with odds and ends, and used to have the most enormous box full of broken toys/pen lids/ broken anything to use. Believe it or not, he still does the same sort of thing now- and he's 41 tomorrow! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xx

  5. Hi Christine. just love Steampunk. I have those stamps and dies and the paper pad. Had a good snoop in the box and loving that too. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 29

  6. nice busy desk
    happy woyww
    charlie :) #20

  7. Ohnow, I like the combined work, great idea and on maximum zoom, I can just about conclude that they're fab!
    And the cookies thing....its not even you that places and uses the cookies that. Are saved when readers come to your blog. Of course not. It's Google.but of course, its in the terms and conditions......!!


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