Wednesday, 8 July 2015

WOYWW #318

This is WOYWWednesday - checkout the tab at the top of the page for further info - and our thanks go to Julia for hosting again.

We are very busy at the moment - as it's raining we are inside playing ............
The story goes like this .........
I have heard folks talk about this small papercraft fair held at the local Motorbike Museum.  I knew there was one coming up in July, mentioned it to PJ (who immediately thought 'butterfly stamps') and so off we went last Saturday.
We split up as soon as we entered the room, which was large and airy, and wandered around bumping into each other and sharing what we had so far.  To be honest the fair was larger than I thought it would be, there were no major companies, and it felt like I was just visiting local craft shops - which some stands were!!  Once or twice we met up at a stall and had a natter but otherwise .............. we shopped ....... then went for a coffee and cake (which we won't do again as we found it rather expensive for what it was, but that is just our opinion as the restaurant was rather full).  
My haul - mixture stamps and dies 
with a few inks thrown in!

PJ's haul - butterfly stamps and dies.

We had a wonderful time, will go back next time mainly to watch the demos.  We were soooo busy looking at what was for sale, we missed the demos and names of the stalls.  We did find a local, well 20 miles away, shop which we will visit at a later date .... just for the looksey you understand!!
So, today, we are at our desks, indexing (trying out) the stamps and dies.  Can't wait to start creating, maybe later in the week as I really must get on with my 'window boxes'.  The guys have been asked to sort out the fencing now so my boxes MUST be ready for the 'new' fence.  I tell you, this loco works will be so posh soon!!!!
Have a good week, I will visit as many as I can and thanks in advance for visiting me!!!


  1. Lots of great stuff to snoop on there - enjoy your crafty activity. x Jo

  2. Hi Christine, I haven't been to that Fair at the MM for years! Looks like you both got a great haul, a definite butterfly theme to your friends, lol.
    I got your card when I got home from holiday- thank you so much! It is lovely, and was so nice to come home to. Thanks for all the good wishes, you haven't missed anything yet! Still waiting for an appt to see the QE surgeon, wish they'd hurry up now. Despite dreading the surgery, I just want to get past it, so I can start recovering properly, rather than getting a bit better, just for some treatment or other to flatten me again!Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz#10 xxx

  3. Well you certainly didn't come home empty handed! There are a lot of butterflies there. Have lots of fun with your new stash.Barb#16 xx

  4. It sounds like you both had a fab day out and bought lots of new stash to play with.
    Annie x # 19

  5. Now I remember seeing something which talked about a craft fair at a Motorbike Museum - but where is it? I think it might be Birmingham???
    As long as you enjoyed yourselves, that is the main thing - and you found another craft shop to look at - gotta be a bonus these days.
    Hugs, Neet 18 xx

  6. Wow! That was a haul and a half! Lots of nice stuff. PJ seems to be mad about butterflies...
    Thanks for stopping at mine,
    Have a great week,

  7. You obviously had a good time looking at all that gorgeous new stash. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 30

  8. Hi Christine and thanks for visiting. You two had a great time at the fair, wow and got some really good things - I'd be over the morning and glued to my desk for a week. Have fun, cheers RobynO#11

  9. Now that looks like a wonderful collection of goodies from the stall. It is so important to catch all those demos at the fairs.
    sandra de @32

  10. Gorgeous new stash!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #42

  11. What a happy collection of new toys for both of you. Makes me wish I'd gone to the convention in St. Louis this weekend. Glad the two of you enjoyed your outing. Maybe next time find a local cafe for refreshment rather than in-house. Creative Blessings! ~Kelly #41


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