Monday, 7 March 2016

Mothering Sunday

I always used to love Mothering Sunday.  I treated  my Mam every month from my wages to let her know that I appreciated her being there and all that she did for me.  It may be a bunch of flowers, a basket of strawberries, two chocolates from Thorntons, just something small to let her know I loved her.  Now she's gone I miss her dreadfully, more than I ever imagined and sometimes I find it hard to believe that she is not 'just up the road'.

So I have started a new trend in my family ..... I send a Mother's day card to my daughters.  

This year, I used ready made square cards, which is unusual in itself but, to be honest, I found a box of assorted cards under my desk so thought I may as well use them up.
I had seen my inspirational card on the web so it was just a matter of finding and preparing the embellishments and papers.  I managed to find my thicker brown paper, rolled up and stored on the top shelf .... of course!!!  I managed to get it down - it fell after a poke with a coathanger! - cut out a strip and put it under my cutting mat to flatten it.  Once flat, I used my Paper Wishes template to draw a selection of tags and cut some of the larger ones for my cards.  I wrote the sentiment onto the tag, added some threads and keys - I bought these from the Fruit Pixie years ago - and started making up my main 'image'.
I cut the background papers to size - one likes cows and the other likes daffodils - so the choice of backgrounds was relatively easy!!!

This paper, being black and white, needed a fancy key.

This paper was soooo fussy, I matted it with yellow and added a fairly plain key.

I love these cards, and I know that the girls will love them, I just wish I had made a note of the original designer......

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  1. Such a lovely thought and beautiful cards and sentiments too.


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