Tuesday, 7 March 2017

March Swaps

I have joined in three swaps this month, the technique is one of my favourites.

Noobie Swap
I have a pack of these cards, they were bought years ago .... in a sale.  These are known as three fold cards and the flowers are diecut and included in the pack.  I have umm'd and ahhh'd over what to do with them but today ......
I removed the diecut pieces, attached a holographic sheet behind the openings and then folded the card to hide the sheet.  I chalked the pieces and attached them with 3D foam into the spaces.  I stamped the sentiment and attached it to another piece of the holograph paper using 3D foam.  I enjoyed the challenge this card presented and hope my partner likes it.

This was my return swap card.  If I needed to be shown how to use my stamps this card does it.
Thank you Caro.

Technique Swap - Iris Folding

This iris folding uses Japanese Washi paper and is courtesy of Helen circa 2014.  A silver chain & sentiment peel offs complete the card.

This card came with a lovely little note attached .... my partner explained why the card was paper patched instead of Iris Folded.
Bless you MaryC and thank you so much.

Alphabet Swap - X
I really had to do some research on this ........ nah! Not really!  
I have a very comprehensive alphabet listing which I collected when running my own card swapping Group.  
Xantho is the Greek word for yellow.
I searched Google for some images and then found this photo of Cosmos.  The variety is actually called Xanthos and is perfect for this swap.  
I printed the photo three times, and then decoupaged the image.  I made up the banner along the lower edge using Word, fussy cut and attached with 3D foam.  I rolled the ends slightly to give it depth but I'm not sure whether this was needed.

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