Thursday, 2 March 2017

February Swap

I have entered several swaps this month.  Not just the cards but also the ATC swap as well.

Noobie Swap

I am using a card, courtesy of AnnM  circa 2012, for this swap.  It uses orange peel offs on holographic card.  The holographic sheet is attached to a bright orange card.
The photo does not do it justice because the card is so very shiney, nightmare.

This card is all about die cuts, very cleverly put together.
Thank you Karen and thank you ChrisN for posting this card onto me.

Alphabet Swap - W
I printed out the image from the web, it didn't turn out very well in my opinion, but even after several adjustments, I had to run with it.  I chose a peachy coloured card, with a page from my French Dictionary as the backing sheet.  Once I had decoupaged the waistcoat, and placed it over the text, I realised that it looked very bland.  I attached  a piece of fancy wool lying on my desk to the side of the text page.  Once I placed the decoupage over the text, the card came together a treat.  The image was not perfect!  I used some watercolour pencils to add some details and highlights to the image ..... much better I think!

Colour Swap - Purple

I have had this image of violets in my stash for years.  My Mother loved violets and every Mother's Day I always brought her a small bunch of violets ....... special flowers they are .....
I cut the image square then rounded the corners.  I found a wipe that had been used for mopping up on my desk, it had just the right colours for a background!!!
I cut this to fit on the front of a very pale lavender card, rounding the corners to match the image.
This looked very plain, but I found a purple and white spotted bow in my stash and then realised that there was a purple washi tape on my desk  which just matched the bow!  I wrapped some of the tape round the 'corners' of the image and the bow to the lower edge.

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