Monday, 17 December 2012

2007 Challenges - July to Nov

I am now into these Challenges sooo much that I have enough Challenge Bits for the whole year.  The OCD in me has come out and I have an expanding file, labelled with each month and filled with bags of Challenges!!!
Sent Challenge
How sad!!

July was very pink!!
Received Challenge

The Challenge pieces once again were not always sent back as a card.

My Card
My club card

Out of curiosity and for no other reason ............ these are the cards from other club members.  Each bag contained one of several design stickers, these were material stickers from Paper Wishes.  Beautiful.

In September I had made the card before I scanned my received challenge and my Challenge went out to club members.  My received challenge included a jigsaw piece!!!
My sent card
I sent purple - paper, lametta, green ribbon and a white brad.

October was the last for 2007 as everyone agreed that Christmas took priority and, as cards needed to be made and sent, there would not be Challenges for November and December.

Contrasting colours now as I receive pinks and send out greens and browns.

My sent card

                                with  just a few Peel Offs!

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