Saturday, 1 December 2012

Decoupage from 2006

I had never tried decoupage, I thought it was sticking napkins on plates and things.  
3D Decoupage -  one of my favourite styles.  So many designs, now they are die cut but in 2006 one had to cut out the design, very tricky for a left-handed person using right-handed scissors!!!
My very first decoupaged card

Followed swiftly by ...........

 and then I was given some wrapping paper ............ WRAPPING paper?!!! 

Oh! Yes! what a challenge this was ......... I still have some of the other designs.  Which parts to cut out and how to build up the design ............ and make it fit the card!!

I stamped and chalked

                                              and decoupaged!!  lol

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