Wednesday, 6 March 2013

WOYWW #196

Coming late to the party today!

I am going to attempt some ATCs so I have been researching the subject and forgot the time .... my excuse anyway.

So here is my desk this morning which is about to be altered around but in the meantime it looks like this.  
I have just discovered uncovered  recovered found the packet of daubers and so I have been altering my doilies - I have been very happy in my room - have to find a name for it now (DH favours PLAYROOM).

I commented on Cindy's blog about the lamp she used and, blow me down!, this week dear old LIDL are selling the same sort of thing.  Weeell ......... a girl's gotta do whata girl's gotta do so.............. I have go clear my desk to find the perfect place for the clamp lamp to fit  - and with a lamp, me being insomniacal ............ see where I'm going? 

Happy WOYWW day!


  1. Beautiful doilies and colours :0)
    Shall have to check out that Lamp in Lidl sounds good x
    Happy WOYWW Heather #59

  2. I hope your lamp gives you hours of crafting during the day and while everyone is sleeping enjoy your room
    Have a great WOYWW thank you for sharing your workspace today
    Ria #39

  3. OOh the dauber recovery has really paid off, the doilies are lovely, how useful. We call my space the 'workroom' because I was once in another life, employed to do cards, demos and etc....and the name has just stuck.. study would really be stretching it!!

  4. Well, I fondly refer to my craft space as the "Craft Cave" because, well, its kinda small and I have craft stuff on shelves all the way up to the ceiling! And it seems like things go in and never come back out! lol That's not entirely true...I have been doing good at making cards lately, though they don't sell well so I'm supposed to be making the jewelry and hairbows that do sell well but they take sooo much longer than the cards. I think I've wandered off topic. So, where was I...I know! Thanks for sharing your fab doilies and leaving a comment on my desk already. I know just what you mean about the scraps, though I wouldn't chuck them in the bin right off the bat. I would "save" them for ages and *then* chuck them! lol But, like I said, this was a personal challenge and sometimes we just need those to get us out of our comfort zones, you know? Maybe next time you have scraps you'll take 'em and make 'em fabulous, instead of trash? :) You can do it! :) It was rather fun to work within that limitation. Anyways, thanks again for the visit and comment and have a wonderful WOYWW! Deeyll #68

  5. Looks like you're having fun with those doilies. They look great - I hope you share what you use them on. :-) April #145

  6. have fun with your coo doilies christine...thanks for sharing...happy WOYWW...kath (28) hugs xxx

  7. Pleased you found the daubers
    Think we all have names for our space perhaps one week we should all share this info
    Jackie 10

  8. Gorgeous looking doilies...must try that trick some time. Have fun in your crafty playroom! Thanks for sharing. Happy belated WOYWW. Caro #56


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